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Da Lat Upside Down House – a very extremely virtual living place is attracting thousands of young people when traveling to Da Lat. And to help you have more knowledge about this place, Kha Tran car rental would like to summarize all the information about the upside down cafe in Dalat. Let’s look through the fascinating things that today’s article brings!

  1. What is Upside Down House?

Da Lat Upside Down House (Da Lat Upside Down Cafe) has an area of ​​about 105m², built with a unique design. Everything in the house is set up in reverse. Items that are supposed to be on the wall will be arranged on the floor. This both makes you more excited and brings a unique space for special photo albums.

dalat upside down house
Da Lat Upside Down House is designed with many strange details

The bedrooms, living rooms, restrooms, .. are all reversed. And when visitors come to visit, take photos with only a small operation will get the pictures like that. Don’t hesitate, why don’t you save the best photos here?

  1. Why to have Da Lat Upside Down House?

Perhaps you have known the famous Upside Down House in two European countries Germany and England. Getting inspiration from these reversed houses, Mr. Tran Thai Hung – an architect in Da Lat built a house with  everything upside down.

Realizing that Da Lat weather will be cold in the rainy season. It will be very inconvenient for tourists to visit, so Da Lat Upside Down House will be an ideal destination for tourists and check – in quality. That’s why there is an Upside Down Cafe  in Dalat turning up in this dreamland.

da lat upside down house
Upside Down House – an impressive sights in Da Lat
  1. Where is the Upside Down House?

Da Lat Upside Down House is located at 1E Tran Quoc Toan Street, Ward 10, Da Lat City, Lam Dong Province. With a prime location: near the city center, next to the romantic Xuan Huong Lake, it is a hot site for inbound and outbound.

Because of being near the city center, you can easily go to Upside Down House by motorbike and bicycle. If you go with a lot of people, you should hire a car package to save costs. Any questions about Dalat car rental service will be answered for FREE through Hotline(+84) 91 509 02 01 – (+84) 91 651 02 01 (Katharine).

Map of the trip to Da Lat Upside Down House:

  1. What is there interesting about Da Lat Upside Down House?

A very nice check-in point

If you want to experience what virtual living is like, the Da Lat Upside Down House will be the place for your great feeling. You will be overwhelmed by everything in this unique house. The deeper you go into the house, the more you will enjoy it. Having arrived here, it is impossible not to save yourself the unique photo styles.

upside down house in dalat
Check in at super unique strange living room

Upside Down Cafe with the ideal view

With its location on the terrace, Dalat Upside Down Cafe is an ideal rendezvous for those who love the charming scenery of this foggy city. Just both enjoying the taste of coffee of the peaceful highland and admiring the poetic Xuan Huong Lake and the whole city of thousands of flowers hidden in the morning dawn or sunset. What fantastic it is!

upside down house in da lat
Da Lat Upside Down Cafe with stunningly beautiful view

Therapy massage room

Da Lat Upside Down House has not only a beautiful view, an ideal place for taking photos, but also a place for you to relax your soul after the tired days.

You will be delighted to have herbal foot baths with natural aromas.This is also a “plus” for the Da Lat Upside Down Cafe.

Enjoying Vietnamese cuisine

The Upside Down House in Dalat is also the ideal restaurant for those who love Vietnamese dishes. Don’t be worried about the price and quality of service here. An enthusiastic and hospitable staff, delicious and cheap dishes make you pleasant and leave an unforgettable impression in you.

upside down house da lat
The attractive dishes at Da Lat Upside Down House
dalat car rental
Menu of drinking at Da Lat Upside Down House
upside down house dalat
Menu of drinking at Da Lat Upside Down House

Coming here with my family and friends is also not a bad idea for these meetings!

  1. Price of entrance tickets to Da Lat Upside Down House

Ticket price for visiting Upside Down House is VND 50,000 /person. This price includes sightseeing, taking photos and one accompanying drink.

If you arrive on the promotion, you will be entitled to 20% of the ticket price.

da lat car rental
Check in at Da Lat Upside Down Cafe
  1. Experience in tourism at Da Lat Upside Down House

– How to take photos at Da Lat Upside Down House : In order to have luxurious and unique photos, in addition to the photographic style, you must ask the host to suggest how to get the most satisfactory set of photos! You will stand according to your favorite designs under the guidance of the host. Then with just a small operation, you will get extremely virtual pictures.

dalat tourist information
To have beautiful photos, you must know how to take pictures at Da Lat Upside Down House

– Because the furniture is arranged in reverse, so when you visit, remember to be careful, not to jostl or push each other to avoid damaging the item.

– Remember that Upside Down House in Da Lat only had interior items and furniture designed upside down, different from an upside – down coffee shop in other places from both exterior and interior.

dalat vietnam attractions
The “extremely virtual ” picture was taken from visitors

Hopefully, the above information we have just updated will help you know  about Da Lat Upside Down House a lot. Wish you have wonderful moments when travelling to “ city of thousand of flowers”.

If you want to rent a car to travel at Da Lat Upside Down House or alternative places in Da Lat, please contact Kha Tran car rental today. We are always happy to accompany you on the journey to discover the beauty of Vietnam.

Da Lat Upside Down House
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