9 seater Ford Transit Dcar Limousine

Ford Transit DCar Limousine – 9 seats – Our special feature

Ford Transit Limousine or Dcar Limousine in another name is considered as one of the most luxury and state-of-the-art car series .

Dcar Limousine – 9 seats (model 2015 – 2017), which is built upon 16-seater van, becomes distinguished by its seating arrangement creating consistent layout, spacious and luxurious feeling. Ford Transit Limousine is considered as World-class aircraft on the ground for its luxury and convenient just like business class on airplane. Plus, it brings exquisite beauty and classy experience to any VIP, enterprise or luxury resort.
Many hi-tech devices are also parts of this luxury vehicle, in order to satisfy any needs of entertainment, relaxation as well as individual work of the car owner.


So, which features make the Limousine series be so special?

• Classy & harmony interior design with 2 major colors: black & white.
• Automated sliding door with anti-trapped system and remote control, power-off safety lock.
• Window anti-UV film enable the privacy, sun heat and UV.
• Elegant leather seat cover, wood paneled details with adjustment buttons.
• Fancy decorated LED lights enables clients to work as well as entertain during the journey
• Integrated high-end devices: 19-Inch TV, Premium audio surround system
• Utilities: Wifi & 3G broadcast equipment, USB charger, sockets
• Integrated Minibar with 22l refrigerator, Mini portable table
• Spacious luggage compartment is arranged beneath lines of chair.

Kha Tran is one of the top Limousine car rental supplier in Central Vietnam, especially in Hue city or Limousine car rental in Da Nang city. Our Limousine cars source is available for any extensive orders. We are flexible of the car’s color which clients can choose BLACK or WHITE depending on their interests.

– Option 1: Car rental daily departure in Hue, Da Nang, Hoi An upon your request : Kindly choose the appropriate options, then go to “BOOK”
– Option 2: Kindly select the itinerary with relevant rate below and send us your inquiries.

Note: We are flexible for the Ford Limousine’s car rental as per clients’ request of time & itinerary, therefore, the rate will be applied as follows:

Km Time Price Over
Hour Km
50 5 hours 90 25 1,0
100 10 hours 150 20 1,0

(From Da Nang City)

Duration Price (VND/USD)
Da Nang – MY SON – Da Nang 6 hrs 130
Da Nang – MYSON – HOIAN – Da Nang 12 hrs 200
Da Nang – Laguna, Lang Co 02 hrs 130
Da Nang – HAI VAN – LANG CO – LAGUNA (PHU LOC) 5 hrs 150
Da Nang – HOIAN – Da Nang 6 hrs 130
Da Nang CITY ½ day 5 hrs 120
Da Nang CITY 10 hrs 160
Da Nang – BANA – Da Nang 8 hrs 140
Da Nang – HUE CITY – Da Nang 1 day/14hrs 200
Da Nang – HUE CITY – Da Nang 2 days 330
Overtime/hour 25

10 Seat Dcar Limousine Car rental from Hoi An

Routes Duration Price 16 seats
HOIAN – MY SON – HOIAN 6 hrs 140
HOIAN – MYSON – DA NANG – HOIAN 12 hrs 200
HOIAN – DA NANG – HOIAN 6 hrs 140
HOIAN CITY 6 hrs 130
HOIAN CITY 10 hrs 160
HOIAN – LAGUNA, PHU LOC 03 hrs 160
HOIAN – BANA – HOIAN 10 hrs 160
HOIAN – BANA – DA NANG – HOIAN 1 day/ 14hrs 200
HOIAN – HUE CITY – HOIAN 1 day/15hrs 230
HOIAN – HUE CITY – HOIAN 2 days 365
Overtime Fee/hour 25


(From Hue City)
Duration Price (VND/USD)

Service Includes:

    • • New and air conditioned car, Fuel, Driver Allowance
    • • Toll fee and parking fee
    • Free wifi – Wet Tissues – Mineral Water

– Rate in USD/ transfer
– Rate is quoted in USD, however payment will be settled in VND according to daily exchange rate
– Rate is not applied for festival seasons

To rent 9 seated Limousine Dcar in Da Nang feel free to contact us:

Email: danangcar6789@gmail.com
Address In Danang: 12 Bui Xuan Phai Street, Da Nang City
Address In Hue: 50, street No. 6, Residental An Cuu, Hue City, Vietnam

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