FOREST GHOST INN – Dalat must see destination


Forest Ghost Inn hidden in the forests of Da Nghi mountain, is surrounded by smooth green forest and poetic stream. Its poetic beauty has captivated many hearts of tourists from near and far. In this article, Dalat car rental will share with you some necessary information about this new resort: Where is Forest Ghost Inn, how to get there, the ticket price as well as experience of visiting it.

Where is Forest Ghost Inn?

It is located in Da Night village, in Dalat Commune, Lac Duong district of Dalat city.

“Ma Rung Lu Quan” is about 30 km from Dalat center. On the way, you will be able to admire the natural beauty with immense pine forests covered with faint fog, streams running along the hills, and the spectacular beauty of Lac Duong valley.

ma rung lu quan
Forest Ghost Inn

How to get there?

From Da Lat Market, you follow Dinh Tien Hoang Street, cross the roundabout 5 and turn  left at Phu Dong Thien Vuong Street, keep going along about 1.5 km, then turn left at Thanh Mau Street.

Then you turn right at Xo Viet Nghe Tinh street, run 1km then turn left into Ankroet road. Keep turning left into the road village, pass through the yellow stream to the Da Nghit ranger station. Here you turn right on the dirty road, continue 2.5 km to Ma Forest Lu Quan.

Ma Rung Lu Quan – Forest Ghost In Google map:

The road to Forest Ghost Inn is so difficult to move. So, the best choice for you is renting a car to be safe and comfortable.

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The legendary story of impressive name” Ma Rung Lu Quan”

Uncle Nguyen Thanh Liem – The owner of this resort is a child of the mountains. From an early age, he loved traveling, climbing mountain streams and streams to explore the nooks and crannies of the Central Highlands mountains and forests.

forest ghost inn
The legendary story of impressive name” Ma Rung Lu Quan”

Therefore, friends often call him with name “Forest Ghost” – who knows very well about the forests. The great love for mountains and forests also makes this tough man leave the bustling town for a peaceful romantic place on the plateau. Thus, this resort is named “Ma Rung Lu Quan” – a mysterious and unique name attracting millions of tourists come annually.

What is there interesting at Forest Ghost Inn?

It is no doubt calls Da Lat Forest Ghost Inn as a “sleeping princess”, “a peaceful place amidst of a hustle of life”, “a fairy land of a deep forest” …

Truely, it is also not wrong to say that this is the most beautiful place in Dalat. Let’s take a look to see special things here!

A wooden house in purple by the lake at Forest Ghost Inn

This house is built in European style with a very romantic purple color, like the French rural cottages. It is made from wooden pine, smelling the fragrance of pine. With a romantic atmosphere, this is the place for you to save the best photos or maybe the ideal place to stop after a long journey.

ma rung inn dalat
A wooden house in purple

Tay Nguyen cozy stilt houses

Stilt houses – traditional culture of ethnic minorities in Central Highlands. They are also made from pine with a pleasant aroma, beautiful decoration and cozy space by

a small kitchen to cook for guests. The houses here represent an impromptu styles. Looking at them you can see the image of the Tay Nguyen stilt houses, but also blend with unique French architecture. Coming here, you have a chance to talk to the owner. He is so kind and courteous. If you want, he can play the whistle or guitar.

ma rung dalat
Tay Nguyen cozy stilt houses in Forest Ghost Inn

Especially, 2 best times here are sunrise and sunset. If in the morning you feel chilly to watch the fog fill the pathway, like the place of the fairy land, then in the evening you will see a shimmering, fanciful and cozier inn by the warm yellow light shining. This is the time when both the owner and guests sit side by side, sing and dance to the mountains and enjoy traditional dishes. That’s great, isn’t it?

Fishing lake at gate entrance

An impressive image of Forest Ghost Inn is fishing lake.  With clear blue water, and surrounded by lush green trees into the lake, this place is ideal for those who want to find a peaceful setting, away from the noisy urban area. Sitting by the lake, both enjoying the scenery and watching the colorful fishes swim is so wonderful. Therefore; this is also one of the most places checked in most.

ma rung lu quan dalat
Fishing lake at gate entrance

A poetic scenery

Forest ghost inn is a beautiful paradise with poetic natural scenery, the green color of the mountains, the purple color of the stilt house and the simple colors that make contribution to beautify this peaceful land. Coming here, you feel like you are turning back a peaceful countryside with rivers, mountains, roosting and cute ducks. All give you a feeling of peace and lightness, helping you forget all the worries of life.

What to play there?

In The Forest Ghost In, though mostly for sightseeing. But there are still fun activities that you and your family can join: Camping by the lake, going for a picnic, BBQ party with meat, drink wine at night, Teambuilding

Best time to visit here

The best time is the winter, but for many reasons, it is difficult for you to choose the season to go to Dalat.

So the best time, according to us is early morning or late evening. At this time, quiet space of the mountains, the sound of birds chirping and the sound of streams flowing into the mist will add to the mystery of the inn.

forest ghost inn
The best time is the winter, but for many reasons

Some small tips for visiting Forest Ghost Inn

Because the road to the inn is very difficult, you should rent a car to ensure safety for yourself and your family

Roads are slippery, so do not wear high heels. It is better to wear sneakers.

The resort has deep streams and lakes, so be careful if you are taking children with you

Landscapes near Ma Rung Lu Quan

  • Golden Valley: Lat Dong, Lac Duong, Dalat city, Lam Dong province.
  • Cu Lan village: DT722, Lat, Lac Duong, Lam Dong province.

Forest Ghost Inn and all information about this poetic land we have just shared with you will help you have a complete trip to Dalat of fogg city”. Do not keep them in note!

FOREST GHOST INN – Dalat must see destination
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