The pristine and mysterious beauty of Dalat forest mountains

Prenn waterfall Dalat is one of the super hot destinations for visitors when setting foot on Dalat this upcoming summer. To help you prepare for your trip to this poetic city, Kha Tran car rental wants to recommend you this ideal destination. Let’s see how to get to Prenn Waterfall, what to play, what to eat as well as some useful experiences for your reference.

Where is Prenn Waterfall?

It is about 10 km from city center, Prenn waterfall is located at the foot of Prenn Pass, belonging to Lien Khuong – Prenn Expressway, Ward 3, Da Lat City, Lam Dong, Vietnam.

Owning a prime location is at the gateway of Dalat city, so this place is famous for inbound and outbound when coming to beautiful landmark.

Prenn waterfall Dalat
Prenn Waterfall Tourist Area

How to get there?

From city center, you go along in the direction of Prenn Pass. At the end of this pass, turn left at small road and you see a signpost of Prenn Dalat waterfall resort. The way to Prenn waterfall Dalat is very easy to find, so you can get there by motorbike, taxi, or car.

For me, car is the best choice for you because of safety, comfort and smooth moving.

Prenn Waterfall Google Map:

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Prenn waterfall price

  • Adults: 30.000 VND/ person
  • Children: 15.000 VND/ person
  • Opening hours: 7 am – 4:30 pm (daily)

Legend of Prenn waterfall Dalat Vietnam

According to the local villagers, the name “Prenn” comes from the K’Ho language as “Prềnh” – the name of a bitter tomato (in Vietnamese :cà đắng”), depends on pronouncing of each person, it has called “Prenn” sofar.

If having chance to drop by here, you will see at the upstream area of ​​the waterfall, along the banks of the stream there are still many wild bitter tomato trees. This kind has a small and round fruit like eggplant but green skin and white spots, and they gets yellow when being ripe.

dalat waterfall
Legend of Prenn waterfall Dalat Vietnam

According to ethnographers, the name of this waterfall originates from the Cham language. “Prenn” means the encroachment area.

This name reminded of the rather persistent war of ethnic minorities living on this land to resist the invasion of the Cham people in Panduranga (Ninh Thuan) in the 17th century, and then local people named this waterfall Prenn.

Two explanation of the name can evoke the attractive beauty of this waterfall – both majestic and yet poetic. Along with the origin of the name, Prenn Dalat Vietnam is also an interesting place for you to explore and experience the most unique features.

Prenn waterfall overview

Compared to other waterfalls in the Central Highlands, Prenn waterfall has its own unique beauty. If Dambri is majestic, Pongour is strong and proud, Prenn is extremely charming, gentle and fascinating, bringing a peaceful and serene feeling to visitors.

Prenn Waterfall Vietnam owns an altitude of nearly 10m, about 20m wide, so there is no sound of rushing falls, but a soft, mellow sound blending sweet, pure bird singing. What a peaceful, quiet scenery!

prenn falls dalat
Legend of Prenn waterfall Dalat Vietnam

Not only does it attract tourists by the peaceful scenery, but also Prenn waterfall is also impressed with visitors by the cool, soft water like the hair of a fairy fluttering in the sun. You can touch your soft, lively hair, feel the coolness of clear stream. Droplets of water by the speed of the flow that splash white foam, few visitors, giving you a refreshing feeling, cool as if you got lost in fairyland.

In addition, you can freely follow the stone steps to visit zoo, orchid garden or pine forest to feel great experience here with checked-in photos of immense mountains, lovely animals and peaceful scenery!

What to play at Prenn falls Dalat?

You can follow the pathway to the zoo, orchid garden or walk around to see the blooming flowers, beautiful huts on the treetops or swing along the rope bridge crossing the small stream. Or you can take part in some following activities.

Riding an ostrich

Ostrich ride is wacky thrill. They are very gentle, eager to go and you can sit on their backs to ride. Do not be afraid of anything because there will be a taimer who is always close to you to ensure of your safety. If you do not want to ride, you can take selfie photos  posted on your personal page for friends and relatives to know.

Or you can go to the aquarium. There are many types of fish in many different colors, and you can also join the archery game to hunt for attractive gifts for you.

Riding an elephant

An activity which liked most by foreigners is elephant riding. 2 lofty Central Highland elephants are always ready to serve you. With passing through the jungle tour, you will feel like being lost in some primitive time. Time is up to your liking. This game reflects unique cultural feature of local ethnic people.

preen waterfall dalat
Elephants in Prenn Waterfall

Riding water buffalo

In addition to riding elephants, ostriches,there is also an interesting water buffalo rides. You will be seated on a buffalo’s back, it will walk slowly so you can feel your elegant pleasures. Do not worry, if you have never ridden, trainer will guide you, and the buffalo is very gentle. Let’s try the feeling of sitting on the buffalo once!

Taking carriage ride

If you want to admire the beautiful surroundings, and watch the peaceful Prenn waterfall from afar, then taking a carriage ride is the best choice for you.

Cable car over falls

Do experience with the cable car over falls cost only 15.000 VND / person.

You will behold prenn waterfall Dalat from above, and snap best photos.

Or you can try thrilling rides on the rope bridge crossing the small clear blue lake to give yourself a feeling of adventure. What a fantastic feeling!

prenn waterfall dalat
Cable car over falls

Row a boat on the lagoon beneath the falls

Rowing boat is an interesting outdoor activity for those who love nature, want to immerse themselves in the mountains. Imagine, you both rowing on the cool lake, just listening to the clear sound of the mountains. And what is more interesting. This activity also helps you relax your mind after a tiring day. Why don’t you try it once to feel of peaceful moments?

Visiting King Hung temple

On the peak of  Prenn hill, there is also Hung temple – the place of worshiping Hung king – the first king of the Vietnamese nation. For convenience, you should take a jeep to reach the top of the hill. Here, you also admire the beauty of two statues Lac Long Quan and Au Co – Father and mother of the Vietnamese nation.

Nearby the temple, there is also Pearl Well or “Giếng Ngọc” with clear and cool water and big Gong-shaped rock. Standing here, you can see the majestic elephant mountain and stunning landscapes of Dalat surban.

If you have chance to come here on 10th March (lunar month), you should take part in this Hung King festival to know more about Vietnamese culture.

What to eat at Prenn water?

At Prenn waterfall Dalat retreat, there is a restaurant serving you favorite dishes. The restaurant’s specialty is snakehead soup. Although this dish is not picky and luxurious, but here is a specialty that many tourists love. With only 160.000 VND for 4-6 people, you can enjoy this specialty. Snakehead is boned and eaten with mustard will make you remember forever.

Small tips for visiting Prenn waterfall Dalat

  • Do not litter to keep surrounding scenery always clean
  • Keep away from dangerous places sometimes with signs.
  • Do not go near the waterfall rowing offline. If not, you will be poured down on the water curtain and at risk of capsizing boats.
  • Do read the rules off the board at the entrance carefully
  • Go to the zoo area, you should avoid dangerous animals to ensure your safety.
  • The rope bridge is shaking, so those have heart problems should not try it.
  • The pathway is very slippery when it rains, you should be careful, should wear flat or sport shoes.
  • Because there are many dangerous ways in the falls, be careful and watch out for children.
  • Outside the entrance area, there are many stalls selling specialty goods. If you want to buy to give to friends and relatives, you should find out the origin and bargain.

Other tourist destination near Prenn waterfall Dalat

  • Dalat Cable Car
  • Horizon coffee shop Dalat
  • Coffee Gofl Dalat
  • Datanla Waterfall in Dalat
  • Ghost house in Dalat
  • Tuyen Lam Lake
  • Clay Tunnel Dalat
prenn waterfall dalat vietnam
Canyoning is one of the most popular activities in Datanla Waterfall Dalat

Prenn waterfall Dalat – the place for you to explore and admire the majestic natural landscape and experience interesting games of the Central Highlands ethnic culture. Do not forget to keep useful information in note to have a complete trip to Dalat city of poetry

Kha Tran car rental – Dalat car rental is always willing to take you around this Dalat poetic city, if you have need of renting car, please contact us via Hotline: (+84) 34 797 6789(+84) 91 651 0201.

Wish you to have a nice trip!

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