Dalat – Hoi An is the most attractive tourist destinations of Vietnam. If you want to enjoy the cool atmosphere, peaceful and poetic scenery with colorful flower gardens, please come to Dalat. But if you love nostalgic, quiet space and enjoy the rustic food, then stop by Hoi An. To help you easily select transportation, Kha Tran would like to introduce to you our car rental service “Private car from Dalat to Hoi An”.

How far is it from Dalat to Hoi An

Dalat is 636 km from Hoi An, and it takes you nearly 12 hours to transfer. Despite the long distance, but on the way you will admire the beautiful scenery, and breathe fresh air. There are many means of transport for you to get there such as airplanes, coaches, trains,  buses, taxis and cars. Among them, cars are considered the most popular means.

Dalat to Hoi An Google map:

How to get from Dalat to Hoi An

By car

Cars are popular, very popular for their comfort, safety and comfort. If you want to master the journey to explore Hoi An, you can drive yourself, in case you do not have a driver’s license, renting a talented car is an optimal solution for you. Why don’t you try our service? Kha Tran car rental service with excellent quality. We have a fleet car from 4 – 45 seats with new, modern model. Especially, we also own Vip Dcar Limousine with high and large compartment liked most by foreign visitors. Travel wheelchairs and baby seats are available. Additionally, our drivers are friendly, experienced and good at speaking English. So, you can ask him to stop to take beautiful photos on your way.

dalat private car
VIP Dcar Limousine 9 seats
dalat to hoi an
Interior of Ford Transit 16 seats
dalat vietnam car rental
Toyota Fortuner 7 seats –

Service Price:

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By airplane

Airplane are the fastest way to travel. But there is no direct flight from Dalat to Hoi An, so you have to take a flight from Da Lat to Da Nang, then you rent a car to Hoi An. It is inconvenient, isn’t it? Moreover, the plane is very expensive, and if you want a flight with cheaper price, you will always be delayed for 1-2 hours.

Airlines for your reference: Vietnam Airlines, Vietjet Air, Jetstar Pacific, Bamboo Airways.

By train

Compared to traveling by plane, traveling by train from Dalat to Hoi An is much more economical, especially the cost. Airfares can go up to 1 – 2 million, while tickets for trains only about 300,000

During the day, visitors will admire the poetic, majestic natural scenery of many beautiful regions.

private car from dalat to hoi an
Dalat to Hoi An by train

At night, the surrounding scenery became quiet, with only a few lights illuminated outside. The night view on the train was wonderful and peaceful

Compared to airplanes, trains are also many people choose to travel long distances because of safety and economy. The fare for each person is about 300.000 VND.

Hoi An city does not have a railway station. Most visitors to Hoi An by train have to stop at Da Nang or Tam Ky train stations. From the station, you can take a bus, rent a private car or taxi to Hoi An city.

When travelling by train, you freely behold the beautiful sights on both sides of the road.

By coach

Buses are a popular vehicle for long-distance travel, and prices range from 300,000 to 350,000 VND. Although cheap, you have to encounter its limitations: time-consuming, long-awaiting, congested, crowded, … You also do not have the freedom to see scenes or take souvenir photos of your favorite places.

By taxi

Taxis are always liked most by quickness and convenience. But the price is too high, you have to spend a lot of money to pay for your trip. In addition, you need to choose the most reputable car company to avoid fraud.

It is not safe for you to take a taxi without knowing the route.

dalat to hoi an
Dalat to Hoi An by taxi

All above are the advantages and disadvantages of each vehicle that we mention for you. Hopefully with what we provide, you will choose for yourself a suitable vehicle. Wish your journey to be interesting and memorable. If you want to rent our Private car from Dalat to Hoi An, please contact us via hotline: +84 91 651 0201 or +84 34 797 6789. We are committed to the benefit of our customers.

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