Xuan Huong Lake – The poetic picture of Dalat foggy city


Xuan Huong Lake with lyrical scenery and interesting activities is becoming an ideal destination for tourists from near and far. Let Kha Tran car hire share with you about its fascinating information to help you have a perfect trip in this romantic lake!

Where is Xuan Huong Lake? 

Xuan Huong Lake Dalat Vietnam is a clear blue lake with charming scenery that has captured the hearts of many travelers when setting foot in the dreamy city of Dalat. With an area of ​​32 hectares and its shaped like a crescent moon, Xuan Huong Lake is located in the heart of the city,at  ward 1, Dalat city, Lam Dong province. With this location, you can easily find out,or you can also walk from Dalat Market to Xuan Huong Lake to admire the beautiful sight.

xuan huong lake dalat
A beautiful picture of Xuan Huong lake

How to get to Xuan Huong Lake?

From the center of the city, you turn to Tran Quoc Toan Street, go about 5 minutes and you will reach Ho Xuan Huong Lake. You can walk around the lake, or take a duck ride, ride a horse to other attractive places, take photos, … and many other interesting things await you at Xuan Huong Lake!

Xuan Huong Lake Google Map: 

History of name “ Xuan Huong Lake”

The legend of Xuan Huong Lake in Da Lat has been handed down to this day with many interesting anecdotes.

In the past, the lake was in immense swamps, which were drilled by the French envoy from Cam Ly stream and stopped the dam to create a lake after seeing the potential of the landscape here.

In 1919, the lake was started to  construct and it took five years for the government to decide to build a dam to split the big lake into two smaller lakes. In 1953, journalist Nguyen Vy at that time was the Chairman of Da Lat commune council decided to change the lake name to Xuan Huong lake – the name of a famous female poet in the early 19th century.

 So far, Xuan Huong Lake have also become an indispensable part of this thousand-city tour.

ho xuan huong lake
Xuan Huong lake by night

Someone say that the origin of the name “ Xuan Huong” is because the lake in the spring has the fragrance of the surrounding plants. The aroma blends together to create a faint scent called Xuan Huong Lake.

What interesting activities does Xuan Huong Lake have?

Xuan Huong Lake with poetic scenery is the right place for you to save the most beautiful photos and is an ideal space for couples to take wedding photos. In addition to admiring the blue beauty of the lake, you also have the opportunity to participate in interesting activities that Kha Tran will introduce below!

Riding a duck on the lake

Duck riding is the most favorite activity for many visitors when coming to Xuan Huong Lake. Sitting on a duck boat with friends or relatives, relaxing in the calm water and enjoying the cool air and the romantic scenery on both sides is nothing. Going to Xuan Huong Lake without trying to duck is a pity.

To ride a duck, you can go to the marina area at the intersection of Dinh Tien Hoangand Tran Quoc Toan. With only 30. 000 VND / hour you are free to travel and take pictures with friends or family.

Riding horse- box 

The horse – box starts to move from the marina and to Dalat flower garden. This is a good opportunity to see the roadside scenery and winding roads around Xuan Huong Lake in Dalat. For only about 200,000 VND / car, a group of 4 – 6 people can go around the lake to enjoy the scenery.

ho xuan huong lake
Let’s try to ride horse here!

Coming to Xuan Huong Lake in the cold weather, gathering under the old pine canopy next to the fire to eat pink rice paper, hot milk is a very gift from Dalat to visitors. Some Dalat cafes have delicious drinks and unique designs, especially check in Xuan Huong Lake such as Thanh Thuy, Thuy Ta or Bich Cau which are worth your reference.

Ride double bike trailer

This is also one of the interesting activities at the lake. Cycling under the cool weather on the winding roads around Xuan Huong Lake is also an elegant pleasure that you should experience when coming here.

Take photos of sunrise moments

Dawn or dusk are the two most remarkable moments for beautiful photos. What could be more wonderful than at dawn, cool weather, with the faint scent of cherry blossoms, just admiring the scenery you have just posted yourself for the luxurious photos.This is also the hottest check-in place for young people and couples taking wedding photos.

ho xuan huong lake dalat
Xuan Huong lake’s sunrise moments

Organize team building, camping, picnic

Around Xuan Huong Lake in Dalat there are many picnic groups. There is a lot of vacant space you can bring picnic gear such as tents, food to camp with friends. With large space and cool climate, it is an ideal place for you to go camping or have a picnic with your family or friends.

Sip a cup of coffee

Around the lake there are many famous cafes, including three names Bich Cau, Thanh Thuy and Thuy Ta. If you come to Ho Xuan Huong and forget to visit these bars to enjoy the taste of Dalat coffee and sit quietly watching the life of the city, it is a pity.

Watching the fireworks

Xuan Huong Lake is a place where fireworks take place at New Year or Dalat Flower Festival. Let’s welcome a special upcoming fireworks display at this year’s flower festival (20-24/12/2019)!

Other landscapes near Xuan Huong Lake

Dalat Market

  • Location: Ward 1, Dalat city, Lam Dong province

Dalat Night Market is one of the favorite destinations for travelers from near and far when coming to this dreamy city. You can buy or see the beautiful and cheap items sold throughout the market, do not forget to enjoy the specialties here.

xuan huong lake
Dalat night market

Dalat flower garden

  • Location: Tran Quoc Toan street, ward 8, Dalat city, Lam Dong province

If you want to know what beautiful flowers in Dalat and want to see the kingdom of flowers with your own eyes, the city flower garden is an address that you should not miss. Coming here, you will be able to admire the beauty of hundreds of precious flower species, this is also a very hot check in place.

dalat flower garden
Dalat flower garden

Lam Vien Square 

  • Location: Ward 10, Dalat city

Square with large space and outstanding artichoke buds – a famous tea species in Dalat. This is a place where festivals and events usually take place, especially flower festivals. Young people also often choose here to check in.

xuan huong lake
Lam Vien Square near Xuan Huong lake

Xuan Huong Lake and its interesting things Kha Tran has just shared with you above. Hopefully this will be the information you need to keep in note when traveling this peaceful plateau. Kha Tran car rental is always looking forward to accompany you in every journey to beautiful Vietnam. Please call us immediately if you want to rent a car: Email: khatrancarrental@gmail.com – HotLine – Line – WeChat – Viber – WhatsApp: (+84) 916 510 201(+84) 34 797 6789 (Ms Katharine)

Xuan Huong Lake – The poetic picture of Dalat foggy city
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