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Dalat Valley Of Love with poetic and romantic scenery is the stopping point for inbound and outbound whenever coming to this dreamy land. Come along with Da Lat Car Rental to explore stunning valley,its feature, history of its name, entrance ticket as well as experience of travelling to Da Lat Valley Of Love.

  1. Where is Dalat Valley Of Love?

Valley Of Love in Da Lat is located at 7 Mai Anh Dao street, Ward 8, Dalat city, about 5 km northeast from the center.

valley of love dalat vietnam
View of Dalat Valley Of Love
  1. Road to Dalat Valley Of Love

From the city center, go straight to Ho Xuan Huong Street, then turn to Dinh Tien Hoang. Going about 1km, you will see a crossroads located at Dalat University. You turn to Phu Dong Thien Vuong street. At the end of the road, you see Mai Anh Dao street. And the Love Valley tourist area is about 450 meters away from here.

Valley Of Love Dalat map:

  1. History of Dalat Valley Of Love

Dalat Valley Of Love – this is an eco-tourism area built on an extremely large pine hill. Initially just a pristine pine forest, with many beautiful flowers and smooth green lawns. With a cool climate, lyrical scenery, this place is often a dating spot for couples. During the French colonial period, the French built a resort called “Valley d ‘Amour” for high-ranking dignitaries to relax and rest.

Many thrilling, interesting love stories were born from there. And Valley D’Amour’s name is not the only name. After Bao Dai took over, the valley was called the “Peace Valley”. By 1953, it was renamed Valley of Love and exists today.

valey of love
Da Thien Lake changed the whole face of the Valley of Love

In 1972, a dam was built across the Valley of Love Da Lat, creating a large, poetic Da Thien lake. The lake has an area of ​​10.5ha surrounded by lush pine forests. The arrival of Da Thien Lake changed the whole face of the Valley of Love, making this already beautiful place more romantic and poetic. That is the reason why visitors often set foot on here annually.

  1. What is there interesting at Dalat Valley of Love?

The space is full of colourful flowers

The first impression when coming to this dreamy valley is a variety of flowers. From the hills to the two sides of the road and along the edge of Da Thien Lake, everywhere you see, there are many species of of Da Lat typical flowers such as hydrangeas, wild sunflowers, lavenders sunflowers, …

valley of love
Valley Of Love – the space is full of colourful flowers

Going inside that space, you will feel the soul becomes more relaxed and forget tiredness, anxiety in bustling life.

Vong Canh Hill is as beautiful as a dream

Vong Canh Hill is the most beautiful place to see the Valley of Love Da Lat Vietnam. This is the highest hill in the valley. There are a lot of trees and different flowers on this hill. From the hill, visitors can admire panoramic views of the green space of Dalat Valley Of Love. This place with cool climate is also an ideal place for camping, team – building,…

On Vong Canh hill, there is also Hoa Vien Tieu Son Lam where many old trees of all shapes are grown. This spot is also one of the beautiful places to take photos in the Valley of Love Da Lat. Visitors can freely pose to take photos with the ancient trees inside Hoa Vien.

Take Swan-shaped paddle boats trip on Da Thien lake

The second attraction for tourists in Da Lat Valley Of Love is Da Thien Lake. The lake is very wide, surrounded by immense pine forests, in the middle of the lake there are strange fountains, along the lake there are many stone paths for tourists to take a scenic walk. To get the best view of the lake, visitors can hire swan-shaped paddle boat for walking around the lake.

dalat valley of love
Take Swan-shaped paddle boats trip on Da Thien lake

Take a train around the Valley of Love Da Lat

Dalat Valley of Love has a train route that takes you around the Valley. Sitting on the train, visitors can enjoy beautiful views and record great photos of the Valley of Love. The train route will take visitors to all the beautiful places in Love Valley such as pine hill, Vong Canh hill, Uyen Uong hill, Da Thien lake…

Join the outdoor games

Not only is it a place for you to admire the beautiful scenery, and save yourself beautiful photos, Da Lat Valley of Love is also a space of convergence of many games suitable for all ages. Interesting games such as team paintball, balance on the cable car …  with aim to satisfy visitors entertainment needs.

valley of love
Joining the outdoor games
the valley of love dalat
Exploring the Valley Of Love
  1. Opening hours and ticket prices of Dalat Valley Of Love 2019

Ticket prices of Dalat Valley Of Love 2019

Now according to our latest update, valley of love dalat entrance fee is as follows:

  • For children under 1 meter, the price is 100,000 VND
  • Children over 1 meter are charged as adults.
  • For adults the price is 250,000 VND

Note: The price has gone up because it has all inclusive of the accompanying tickets in the resort. Such as trams, train…

  • Valley Of Love Dalat opening hours: The site opens daily till 5.00PM

Be sure to know the time and ticket price we share not to miss this poetic valley journey.

valley of love dalat entrance fee
Valley Of Love – Amazing place for you
  1. Experience of travelling to Dalat Valley Of Love

If you wonder what to eat at Valley Of Love Dalat Vietnam, go straight at MIMOSA AND HANH PHUC restaurant. The food is delicious and special. Inside these restaurants, there are also Buffet, BBQ with many attractive Highland dishes.

valley of love
So many attractive Highland dishes

The best  time to visit Dalat Valley Of Love:

You can reach the Valley of Love Da Lat Vietnam at any time of the year, but if coming there on 14th of February is more interesting. On Valentine’s Day, Valley of Love Dalat organizes a large annual event. Each year the event has different topics and interesting activities.

valley of love in dalat
Each year the event has different topics and interesting activities.

Remember to bring a hat, hat if you go for a walk at noon. Do not forget to bring a camera and selfie stick to bring yourself beautiful memories in your trip to Da Lat Valley of Love.

  1. Dalat Tourist attractions near Dalat Valley of Love

Xuan Huong Lake

Xuan Huong Lake is an ideal place for you to enjoy the peace, away from the hustle and bustle of the city. The lake has a famous Y-bridge to watch the sunrise or sunset. The lake has a lot of beautiful lawns for visitors to stop, sit and watch the beautiful scenery on both sides of the lake.

xuan huong lake
Xuan Huong Lake

Dreamy hill- Mong Mo hill

Mong Mo hill is a familiar tourist destination for those who love and regularly visit Dalat city. It owns a green space with lots of very beautiful flower gardens, restaurants, garden villas …

If you want to find a green space to rest, Dream Hill is the place you are looking for.

Bao Dai Palace

Palace Bao Dai or Palace III is the residence of the last famous king in the Vietnam feudal era. The palace is built on a small hill, surrounded by green pine forests.

Inside the Palace is a space displaying a lot of luxurious interior equipment. All are intact as when Bao Dai King used this Palace as a resting place during vacations.

bao dai palace
Bao Dai Palace

Dalat Valley Of Love is a great place for picnics, going sightseeing with family and lover. Hopefully, the above information about Valley Of Love Da Lat will help you prepare for your trip to Da Lat well.

Wish you have wonderful time at Da Lat poetic valley!

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Drop your soul at DA LAT VALLEY OF LOVE
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