Cu Lan Village is considered the most romantic village not only in Da Lat but also in Vietnam. Nestled calmly at the foot of the beautiful Langbiang mountain and surrounded by the lush green pine hills, Cu Lan is the place for you to experience the most wonderful walking journey to enjoy the beauty of both nature and authentic local ethnic culture.

Where is Cu Lan village?

Cu Lan village with an area of ​​over 20 hectares is located in Suoi Can village, Lat commune, Lac Duong district, Lam Dong province. There is a stream flowing around here, which is the main source of water for the K’ho village to live in. So, visiting Cu Lan Village means that you are visiting beautiful places and learning about native culture of K’ho villagers.

Why it is called with name “Cu Lan”?

The name of the village was named after the first person who built this village, moreover Lan is an animal – a kind of Loris, found the most here. Cu Lan is a village of K’ho ethnic minority with colorful thatched houses lying by the small lake. Therefore, when setting foot on here, you feel to get lost in European village.

cu lan village dalat
Cu Lan Village

Road to Cu Lan village

From Dalat market, follow direction of Langbiang or Golden Valley. Then you see Xo Viet Nghe Tinh street, go  straight ahead until you meet the junction of Tung Lam Parish. Next, turn the direction of Langbiang, continue to turn left at Ankroet street and keep going straight, you will see your destination.

So far, there are no bus routes to Cu Lan Village, you can get there by motorbike or car. To help you move easily to Cu Lan village, we recommend Dalat car rental with the best quality service and affordable price.

Cu Lan Village Google Map:

What is attractive there in Cu Lan village?

A peaceful scenery with colorful thatched roof houses

Entering the village, you will be overwhelmed by the cool scenery with a green of pine forests and small lakes with clear, smooth water. What a peaceful setting that brings a feeling of tranquility. You will forget all the tiredness, the intense sunshine out there, and enjoy the cool breeze and snap beautiful photos with impressive stilt houses.

cu lan village
A peaceful scenery with colorful thatched roof houses

Stunning walking path

The road to village is winding and beautiful. It will be a long journey for you to walk. But to explore all the beauty and indigenous culture here, walking is the best choice for you. The road with soft green grass, both sides of the road is full of colorful flowers.

The patterns of typical ethnic minority communities in the Central Highlands also appear here quite a lot.

You can take a rest at the thatched roof houses, talk to the villagers as well as learn more about the life and customs of the ethnic K’ho. Do not hesitate to take photos with them!

A place of many interesting recreational activities

Famous for its poetic scenery, the houses on the hillside, coming here you have a lot to do: kite flying, hiking, boat rowing, fishing, picnicking, folk games and gong performances. There’s even an art gallery.

cu lan village
Fishing in Cu Lan village

If you like adventure and challenge, try to venture over rush bamboo bridges to meadows of purple, violet and yellow flower fields. Or you can take a jeep to explore, conquer hillside roads. This brings you a fantastic feeling. But if you want to find peace in your mind, why don’t try kayaking, boat rowing or fishing. You not only immerse yourself in mountain forest, but you also enjoy the beauty of nature on your way. In addition, you should take part in gong dance to experience the most memorable moments.

Ticket price at Cu Lan Village

Cu Lan Village Dalat entrance fee

  • Adults: 60.000 VND / person
  • Children (< 1.2 tall): free
  • Children( >1.2 tall): 60.000 VND/per

Tickets to organize games and team-building:

For team- building organization team, contact for the resort in advance to arrange and prepare equipment.

  • Only team- building teams of 30 or more people.
  • Ticket price for team- building: 120,000 VND / person.
  • With team building tickets you can use the grass, lake, raft, stream, forest has been equipped with skillful games.
  • Team- building time: Starting from 8:00 and finish before 17:00.
lang cu lan village
Camping in Cu Lan Village

Campfire program at the village:

  • Ticket price for campfire: 120.000 VND / person.
  • Time: 17pm – 21 pm.
  • Price of firewood: 700,000 VND / block.

Renting a sound system organized by team-building:

  • Large sound system: 3,000,000 VND / staging for 4 hours.
  • Small sound system: VND 1,500,000 / unit for 4 hours.

Experience of visiting Cu Lan village Dalat, Vietnam

+ The road to Cu Lan Village is quite beautiful, but quite deserted and has many dangerous bends, so do not run too fast and should not leave too late. You had better rent a car for safety.

+ There are 2 ways to go to the tourist area: walking down the village or taking a jeep. If you are not strong enough to go on foot or have weak heart, taking a jeep is the best choice  for you.

+ In the tourist area, there are many sections of ponds and lakes which are very dangerous, so be careful with children!

cu lan village dalat vietnam
Experience of visiting Cu Lan village

Other sightseeing near Cu Lan village Dalat Vietnam

  • Golden Valley
  • Dalat Valley Of Love
  • Nam village Dalat
  • Hang Nga Crazy House

Cu Lan village – harmonious beauty man and nature, a charm and poetic scenery makes anyone always keep in their mind if having come here. Hopefully, the information about this spotlight we recommend will help you prepare for your upcoming trip to Cu Lan village and other sightseeing.

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