The unique features of Dalat Flower Festival 2019


Dalat Flower Festival is the biggest festival of Lam Dong province organized every two years with aim to introduce, display flowers, tea, vegetables in Dalat and promote the image of tourism and people in Dalat. This festival attracts the attention of many domestic and international visitors.

Come along with Kha Tran car rental to learn about what is interesting and unique at Dalat Flower Festival 2019.

When and where is Dalat Flower Festival 2019?

Dalat Flower Festival 2019 with a very meaningful new topic “Dalat Flower – Miraculous Crystallization from the Mother of Soil” will be held at 7 p.m from 20 th to 24 th of December, 2019 at Dalat city and other localities in Lam Dong province. 

dalat festival
Dalat – the city of flowers

This festival promises to bring exciting activities and attractive programs for tourists from near and far. Do plan your trip to Dalat not to miss the wonderful festival flower!

Program of the 8th Dalat Flower Festival 

With 15 unique programs taking place, each program will bring its own meaning to bring special feelings to visitors.

Let’s have a look at the flower festival in Dalat’s program to find out interesting things here! There are 7 attractive art shows for you to enjoy.

The opening ceremony of Dalat festival flower 2019

The opening ceremony of Dalat Flower Festival was held at Lam Vien Square (Da Lat city) with a special art program, elaborate staging, the stage is designed based on the three-dimensional scene of Xuan Lake space. Huong, Cu hill… and the participation of nearly 600 artists.

dalat flower festival 2019 dates
Dalat Flower Fesrival

In addition to watching the shows, you also have the opportunity to admire the spectacular fireworks display. Only arriving here on the opening night will you feel how the Da Lat Plateau shimmering and dreaming.

  • Time: 8 pm on December 20, 2019
  • Location: Lam Vien Square

Dalat Wine Night – Art Program “Love About Cold Land – the stringking program of flower festival in Dalat

This program converges and displays Dalat wine, combined with a special music performance to create a jubilant atmosphere to welcome visitors for the festival. It is also an opportunity for you to enjoy free wine – a special wine in Dalat.

dalat flower festival
Dalat Wine

In the romantic space under the sparkling light, sipping a glass of wine will be an unforgettable moment for those who come to this land. There is also a special art performance during the festival night. Join to reward yourself a little relaxation.

  • Time : At 8 p.m, 22nd, December, 2019
  • Location: Lam Vien Square – Dalat city

Ao Dai – Silk fashion week – the prominent of annual flower festival in Dalat Vietnam

The show took place by performances of Ao Dai fashion made from silk. With many colors of ao dai to bring the pure beauty of traditional Vietnamese ao dai. To participate in the program, remember to buy tickets.

  • Time : At 7 p.m, from 22nd to 24 th, December,2019
  • Location: Dalat Palace Golf Course

Charming Vietnam – Fashion Art Program – expecting program of Dalat flower festival

The program alternates between fashion shows and entertainment items that imprint Vietnamese tradition. From there, people can feel the beauty and charm of the people through each repertoire. 

flower festival in dalat
The Ao Dai
  • Time : At 8 p.m, on 21th December, 2019
  • Location: Lam Vien Square – Dalat city

Night Festival “Da Lat – Crystallized from good land”

The night of introducing and promoting the brand “Da Lat – Crystallizing from good land”. In addition, honoring the brands of vegetables, flowers, fruits, agricultural products in Dalat. And the music and dance repertoire with the theme “Color of adventurous flowers”.

  • Time : At 7 p.m, on 22 nd, December, 2019
  • Location: Lam Vien Square – Dalat city

Dalat Flower Festival: Silk – Tea Festival Program

The night is a celebration of honoring silk and tea making in the city of thousands of flowers. Here you will see the display of high-quality silk products, along with tea flavors such as Artichoke tea, Olong tea, and jasmine tea. This night promises to bring an impressive fashion show. The products of traditional village are also displayed here.

dalat flower festival 2019
Atiso flower
  • Time: At 8 p.m on 21th, December,2019
  • Location: 28/3 Square – Bao Loc town

Huong Tra – Sac To Exhibition

The festival aims to bring together tea and silk industry in and outside Lam Dong province.

  • Time: At 8 p.m, from 20th to 24th, December, 2019
  • Location: Sport and Culture Center, Bao Loc town

The closing ceremony art programs of Dalat Flower Festival 2019 

Closing the festival with speeches of leaders and art programs with the theme “Nature Melody” to end a successful Dalat Flower Festival 2019.

  • Time: At 7 p.m, on 24th, December, 2019
  • Location: Lam Vien Square – Dalat city

Flower display space – The new feature of Dalat flowers festival 2019

The space is decorated in the style of the flower street, the small flower scenes bring beauty typical to the city of thousands of flowers. A new feature of flower decoration art this year is a small scene introducing typical flowers of Dalat, the strengths of Da Lat by the theme every day on the surface of Xuan Huong Lake and the area around the lake with a unique model, bearing specific characteristics of Dalat city, including the Tulip space on Xuan Huong Lake done by Taean district – South Korea… Visitors to the Festival also enjoy the flower space of high art, enjoying the taste of local specialties at Tea Street – coffee – wine, vegetable market – flower; Dalat Wine Festival…

introduce dalat flower festival
Dalat Flower Festival 2019

Dalat Flower Festival in 2019 also has more than 30 response programs, auxiliary programs participated by organizations, businesses and individuals inside and outside the province; with the participation of Thailand Tourism Authority, of some localities from South Korea. Please hurry and book yourself a ticket to Dalat today to not miss this impressive festival.

Kha Tran will accompany you on your journey to visit Dalat and attend this Dalat Flower Festival 2019. Please contact via Hotline: (+84) 91 509 02 01 (+84) 34 797 6789 (Katharine) for advice and specific quotation.

The unique features of Dalat Flower Festival 2019
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