Dalat Cathedral – European Cathedral in Vietnam


Dalat cathedral also known as “Chicken Church, Cock Church is one of the most prominent architecture of  France. To help you know more about this place, let Kha Tran share some information about history of official name, Church overview as well as special things in Chicken Church.

1. Where is Dalat Cathedral?

Dalat Cathedral with nickname Cock church is located on Tran Phu road (one of the main circulation roads in Dalat), ward 3, Dalat city. With this prime location, it is a chance for you to admire the flower blossom.

dalat cathedral church
Where is Dalat Cathedral?

2. History of legend name 

In 1983, Father Robert, along with Dr. Alexandre Yersin, discovered the city of Dalat. Until 1917, Father Nicolas Couveur went to Dalat with the aim to find a resting place for priests. As a result, he decided to build a resort – part of the Church now. At the end of April 1920, Bishop Quinton made a decision to establish the Da Lat bishopric.

Dalat Cathedral is built from 1931 and finished in 1942. The church was designed in the cross shape with its length of 65m and 14m wide. The bell tower is 47m high. From there, you have a chance take a panoramic view of whole city. 

dalat cathedral
The church was designed in the cross shape with its length of 65m and 14m wide.

Why it is known as nickname “ Chicken church”?

This is because on this church’s highest cross, there is a statue of a rooster made of light aluminum alloy and has a hollow on the inside. The name of the chicken church is also derived from that.

dalat cathedral vietnam
“Con Gà Church” in Đà Lạt

3. Dalat Cathedral overview

Chicken Church is the largest church in Dalat, the seat of the bishop of Da Lat Diocese, also one of the most typical and oldest architectural works of this city left by the French.

 From the church, we can see Xuan Huong Lake, the city center and Langbiang mountain in the distance.

The church includes 3 parts: a large room in the middle and 2 smaller rooms on the sides.

dalat cathedral opening hours
Dalat Cathedral overview

It has a very tall tower. Its window is domed. Its roof is covered with bricks. Its walls are built of 30-40 thick stone. The inner walls are decorated with some statues and the exterior walls are painted pink.

With its beautiful location, the church is also a popular place for tourists to take photos, especially at Christmas. The bell tower is also a landmark for tourists to find the city center.

4. Other famous sightseeing nearby

  • Xuan Huong lake
  • Langbiang mountain

Dalat cathedral and all information about it, we has just shared with you. Hopefully, you will have an interesting excursion to Dalat. Please contact us via Hotline (+84) 91 651 0201(+84) 34 797 6789 to book now!

Dalat Cathedral – European Cathedral in Vietnam
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