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Dalat Vietnam – the mist city, where people have an extremely beautiful photograph. This city has a lot of beautiful shooting locations and becomes a paradise of photography. Let’s come with , you will find out FREE locations to take many beautiful photos in Dalat trip.

Dalat beautiful shooting locations for free:

  1. Windmill Bakery

Dalat Vietnam
Windmill Bakery in Dalat

This bakery’s name is a label of Dalat city. Windmill Bakery is located at 1A, Hoa Binh street. In the past, this location was just a simple bakery. But now if you hear about the “Windmill Bakery”, you will imagine about the special background, which has the yellow wall and beautiful textures. Windmill Bakery was quickly spread on social networks and became a “Dalat photo background”.

  1. Lam Vien Square

Lam Vien Square
Lam Vien Square

Lam Vien Square is the heart of Dalat city. This place is prominent with large wild sunflowers, nearly 20 meters high. This place is located on the shores of Xuan Huong lake. It was built with so many impressive works of art create the interest for visitors. So many young people came here and took a lot of pictures. Lam Vien Square promises to be a photographic destination in Dalat Vietnam, you should come here as soon as possible when you arrive in the city of mist.

  1. Dalat Train station

Dalat train station
Dalat train station

Dalat train station is the oldest station in Vietnam. This is a popular destination for many travelers. You may come here to take “so deep” pictures with long stretches railways, old railroad or station gates with unique three-story arches. Most people call here is the most beautiful station in Vietnam (by Tuoi Tre Online), Da Lat train station will not disappoint you when visiting.

  1. Dalat’s College of Education

dalat education college
Dalat education college

Next to the list of tourist destination in Dalat is the College of Education. This school has classical European architecture. It has attracted thousands of young people come here to visit and photograph “Virtual living”. Being founded in 1976, the school still retains almost intact architecture and appearance. With impressively curved arches, Dalat’s College of Education is the spot for Dalat’s young photographers and visitors from other places. Some couples who will get married always choose here as a place to mark their happy day.

  1. Ma Rung Lu Quan

Ma Rung Lu Quan

Ma Rung Lu Quan looks like a heaven place in the deep forest. This place is the destination of many players and young travelers. Coming here, you will find the picture of a small village with mountainous houses, being surrounded by some beautiful purple flowers. In the middle of Ma Rung Lu Quan is a large lake, making the landscape more harmonious. You can sit back leaning on the chair, watching the picturesque scenes, and capture some beautiful sceneries to please people.

  1. Tuyen Lam Lake

Tuyen Lam lake
Tuyen Lam lake

Being dubbed “Best Lake in South”, Tuyen Lam Lake attracts visitors by its pristine beauty and charm. The lake is surrounded by pine forest, far away are many green mountains with fresh air. Therefore, nowhere has that scene. You can take some landscape photos, capture the wonderful moments of the fishing boats in the middle of the large lake or the beautiful lawns. At Tuyen Lam Lake, there are recreational activities such as mountain climbing, horseback riding, duck riding around the lake, sightseeing boat, visiting the maple leaf forest…

  1. Truc Lam Monastery

Truc Lam monastery
Truc Lam monastery

Set amidst a vast forest, Truc Lam Monastery is a unique architectural landmark that becomes a popular attraction in Dalat Vietnam. You can check-in in front of the port or take photos remotely, including the monastery. For ideas of taking a fly cam or taking pictures in the interior, you should ask the abbot or the monks. In particular, the monastery also owns a unique “garden” with rare and fancy species such as purple sims, Australian cotton, Phu Dung, … all are nursed by meticulous hand care. of the monks and nuns.

  1. Van Thanh Flower Village

Van Thanh flower village
Van Thanh flower village

This is the “virtual life” for many girls because Van Thanh flower village has many large flower gardens with different flower kinds and colors. This flower village provides fresh flowers for market around years. Thanks to the experiences and intensive planting techniques, so Dalat’s four seasons are all blossoming with the same fragrance as the first. This flower village has many beautiful flowers such as red roses the Netherlands, European Union flowers, white daisies, Ly Ly flowers, carnations … Coming Van Thanh flowers you not only look beautiful flowers but also keep the frame beautifully shimmering between large gardens.

  1. Domaine De Marie Church

Domaine De Marie church
Domaine De Marie church

A combination of 17th-century European architecture and traditional local architecture, the Domaine De Maire church attracts visitors by its strangely shaped and strangely pink tone. The couples who will get married often choose here to mark their happy moments. The church also attracts so many famous domestic and international photographers.

  1. Cau Dat Tea Hill

Cau Dat tea hill
Cau Dat tea hill Dalat

A free shooting location in Da Lat, Cau Dat tea hill attracts many young people, by the peaceful and romantic scenes with the image of green tea hiding in the mist. This tea hill is a paradise for people taking a selfie or wedding photograph… Besides, in Cau Dat tea hill also has old houses, flower gardens, vegetable gardens, and bends, that makes you fascinating. A small note for everyone: you should try to visit Cau Dat Farm café once to have more new pictures.

Hopefully some Dalat destinations Kha Tran Rent has shared will help you. If you want to have a beautiful photo gallery, come to Dalat Vietnam now! Don’t forget to share the new locations with experience shooting poses in Dalat tourist with Kha Tran Car Rental in our comment section. If you need to rent a car to Dalat, rent a car to take a picture in Dalat call (+84) 91 509 02 01 or (+84) 91 651 02 01 (Ms Katharine)

Top 10 best places in Dalat Vietnam to take photographs
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